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Looking for specialised services from professional medical doctors and GP

Professional medical doctors and general practitioners contribute their entire life serving the patients. They perform specialised surgeries and operations daily. Professional doctors provide advanced treatment services to patients. You can find that complex problems can be easily resolved by experienced Yarra valley medical doctors. They can quickly check and determine the problem of the patient. You will get an immediate solution to certain infections, disorders, or any internal problem. 

Their practical knowledge is quite supportive in providing quick treatments to the patients. The specialised services and quick health maintenance tips are quite worthy for quick recovery. You cannot take risks in emergencies. Hence, you should search for the best GP near me for prompt services. 

There are occasions when more specialised services are required. At Main Street Medical and Main Street Cosmetic and Skin, we are honoured to have experienced general surgeon, Dr Thair Al-Dujaili, aboard our team.

Dr Al-Dujaili is a general surgeon with interests in gastrointestinal surgery and endoscopy, including gallbladder, stomach and colon surgery, hernias and anorectal surgery, management of oesophageal reflux disease, as well as thyroid and breast surgery. His major interest is in obesity and metabolic surgery.

Dr Al-Dujaili has extensive experience and training in gastrointestinal endoscopy, advanced laparoscopic surgery, with a special interest in sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass for the management of obesity, and revisional surgery for failed weight loss procedures.

Weight loss surgery

Most of the major diseases and problems occur because of the imbalanced Body Mass Index. Weight loss surgery is also known as bariatric surgery. It helps in losing weight to a certain extent. The surgery is performed on the stomach and intestines by the best doctors. 

Abdominal wall and hernia treatments

Dr Thair Al Dujaili, our experienced general surgeon, offers the most comprehensive treatments for abdominal pain and weak abdominal muscles. Hernia treatments are relatively complex and can be treated well with surgery. You will find that the doctor provides the best medical treatments through various advanced equipment and machinery available for quick reports.

Gastroscopy and colonoscopy 

A doctor specialising in Gastroscopy and colonoscopy can provide successful results in treatment. All types of gastric problems can be easily resolved with the concerned specific treatments. You can choose the nearby clinic or GP to visit at needed times. It is best to inquire about the availability schedule of the doctor. You should appoint a GP as a family doctor for regularised checkups and initial treatments.


You can get vasectomy surgery from our professional general surgeon – Dr Thair Al Dujaili. It is a male sterilisation contraception process. The procedure can be easily performed at hospitals or clinics. Vasectomies are a permanent procedure and cannot be reversed. Vasectomy surgery is the preventative step and contraception. You can find the best clinic nearby and a knowledgeable doctor with an advanced professional degree. 


Circumcision is the surgery to remove the foreskin covering the head of the penis. It is performed after the baby is born. These surgeries need extra care and attention from specialists and professionals. The surgery can be performed at any age, but the procedure will be the same as for the babies. 

Consider noticing the professional’s approach

If you are looking for the best GP doctors near me or changing the GP, consider the factors that indicate their professional approach. 

  • You can find whether the clinic is maintained with perfect hygiene for the patients or not. 
  • The doctors are concerned and available for the booked appointments. 
  • It is best to check that the clinic or hospital has a team of responsible professionals. 
  • They should run the essential test for examination to start the treatment. 
  • Efficient care for the patients and friendly staff behaviour should be observed. 

When you are searching for professionals, then notice some of the basic behaviour of the doctors. It shows their care and dedication to patients’ health conditions. They can provide the best treatment and medications. 

It is best to search for a medical practice near me to get accurate results. You can collect information about their availability. If you call them in emergency conditions they can easily make a quick visit to your house.

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