Dr Cathleen Ventura


Dr. Cathleen Ventura’s distinguished career as a General Practitioner in Australia spans an impressive 8 years, a testament to her unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence. As a dedicated Fellow of the esteemed Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr. Ventura’s impact reaches far and wide.

Her journey has taken her from the serene landscapes of regional New South Wales to the bustling metropolis of Victoria, where she has wholeheartedly served her communities, leaving an indelible mark on each patient’s life. With a comprehensive scope of practice, she has honed her skills across various facets of general medicine, showcasing a pronounced passion for women’s and sexual health, chronic disease management, and the intricate realm of skin cancer medicine.

Dr. Ventura’s expertise extends to urgent primary care, particularly in acute fracture management with precise plaster application. Her experience in after-hours clinics and priority primary care facilities in Victoria underscores her proficiency in handling critical medical scenarios with finesse and compassion.

Areas of interest:
– Women’s and sexual health including cervical screening and Implanon insertion and removal
– Chronic disease management
– Skin cancer medicine including skin checks, biopsies and simple excisions
– Plastering for acute fracture management
– Suturing for simple lacerations

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