A Guide on Important Tips For Making Immunisations A Positive Experience

A Guide on Important Tips For Making Immunisations A Positive Experience

Immunisations and vaccinations are very important for us to maintain good health and help our bodies to fight any viruses and bacteria that may enter our bodies. It is very normal for kids and youngsters to feel scared of needles and avoid trips to the doctor. Sometimes, these phobias can also last for years to come or even for a lifetime. Childhood immunisations can be nervous for parents who know that their child is going to have a hard time. Yarra Valley medical doctors at Main Street Medical will make sure that all your immunisation and vaccination needs are met with a smooth procedure that leaves you with a memory that you don’t dread. 

Kids are not the only ones who despise the thought of a needle prick. The number of people with needle phobia has increased dramatically in the past few years. Statistics for the last 20 years show that one in four people are scared of needles. While this can be dealt with as and when needed, there is a bigger problem that has sprouted for this phobia- people staying away from vaccinations and immunisations just to avoid the experience of getting an injection. This is definitely not healthy, nor is it recommended. No matter how old you grow, there is a possibility that you will need to get an injection at some point in time. Medical doctors at Main Street are highly qualified and well trained to deal with situations where the patient does not like to have an injection. Our staff is super friendly and will do their best to make sure you’re comfortable and you return home with no pain! 

If you are a medical professional who suffers from these issues from time to time, you can take these tips into consideration: 

Knowledge Is Gold: 

Parents are the ones responsible for bringing their kids in for their dose of vaccines or immunisations in general. Motivating them to make it easier for their child during the procedure can help them learn a few things while also making sure that they are well prepared for any such procedures in the future. Medical help can try their best to calm kids who come in to get their shots but the relationship between parents and kids is the strongest. Hence, parents can help play a big role during these procedures. Give them some information before the procedure to help them calm themselves! 

Breastfeeding Infants: 

A mother and her infant have a bond that is closest to nature, especially when the baby is still in the breast feeding stage. Research shows that breastfeeding tends to have an analgesic effect on the child. This means that the milk consumed from the mother helps ease out any pain caused to the child and is essentially a pain killer. A breastfeeding mother should, for the best possible results, breastfeed before, during, and after the procedure. 

 Sugar Rush: 

Sugar makes everything better. For infants upto 12 months of age who are not being breastfed, a sucrose solution ahead of the procedure can work wonders. If this solution is given to an infant three to four minutes before the injection, it has immense potential to help ease the pain. A cube of sugar with two teaspoons of water is all you need. There are different sucrose solutions available in pharmacies too. It’s best to inform the parents about this before their appointment. 

Stay Honest: 

Many medical practitioners and parents have a habit of lying to their kids. Claiming that the procedure won’t hurt and then having the kid experience the opposite will not only make the child not believe what the parents say, but also put them in a position that scares the life out of them when they see a medical practitioner next. Instead, tell them that pain is not much and will last just for a second and get it done with! 

Breathing Practices: 

Breathing practices work for each and everyone. Breathing helps a person to ground themselves and get through anything that they’re having trouble with a calm mind. For kids, distractions like toys and activities can also help ease things. Teach kids how to ‘tummy breathe’ as this might be a new concept for them even though they do it all the time! 

There are many more things you can try such as distractions, games, giving the most painful injection at the end to help soften the blow and many more things. We’re sure you have memories of going to the doctor and absolutely dreading it. When a child goes through that, they might hold onto that feeling and follow up for years after it. It’s better to use these techniques to help them face their fears for an easier future. If you’re looking for a ‘good GP near me’, you know where to look! We will be happy to carry out all your procedures and make sure you’re at your healthiest. Bring your kid around for an easy procedure that does not cause anybody too much trouble. You can also look up lilydale medical centre’s book online option. 

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