Jenny Manassa

Registered Nurse | Nurse Manager

Jenny is an experienced Registered Nurse, with highly-developed competencies in acute/surgical nursing and critical care/emergency departments, practising across both public and private hospitals before moving into Primary Health in the Community sector. 

Jenny is passionate about holistic health and supporting the patient towards optimum well-being, as a partner on the journey to health. With a focus on patient-centered care she draws upon a wide knowledge base utilising various modality, inclusive of health promotion and education. 

She first studied Naturopathy at the Australian College of Natural Therapies many years ago, before embarking upon her own lifelong journey of health and well-being, raising her family according to principles of holistic health and studying supportive modalities (I.e. Yoga Teacher; Meditation and Reiki), before returning recently to further study at the Southern School of Natural Therapy. 

Jenny is very excited to join the team, to be able to provide medical intravenous vitamin therapy to the community in this area, in conjunction with the wonderful Integrative Medicine doctors here at Main Street Medical, delivering excellence of care in supporting your journey to health!



Medicinal Vitamin therapies introduced via intravenous infusions to support your body’s systems, enhance the therapeutic value of medically prescribed vitamins, for optimal health benefits.
At Main Street Medical, our doctors prescribe medical grade nutrients of the highest quality, which are administered in a safe clinical setting, with excellence of care by qualified health professionals.



By using an intravenous vitamin method (IV drip), your body receives maximum nutritional benefit, as it does not pass through the digestive system. The vitamin interaction with your immune system, for example, is maximised by immediate introduction into the blood stream. The use of highest quality (medical grade) vitamins that are specifically formulated and administered based on your bodily health profile, work with your body’s natural defence and repair systems towards enhancing their effectiveness.


  • Support health systems pre-surgery and assist recovery post-surgery 
  • Supporting the immune system that is challenged by work/life stress
  • Help in alleviating symptoms and facilitating recovery from common virus experienced with colds, influenza, Covid-19, and other inflammatory illnesses such as glandular fever.
  • Reducing inflammation in patients undergoing various Cancer treatments: 

“The use of IV vitamin C is a safe supportive intervention to decrease inflammation in the patient and to improve symptoms related to antioxidant deficiency, disease processes, and side effects of standard cancer treatments.”




The friendly and professional Main Street Medical team can be contacted on:

Ph: (03) 9739 3837

Book online:

Your health, safety and wellbeing is of the highest importance. Your initial appointment will be with one of our doctors, who will discuss your health and establish your suitability for the IV treatment.
Our Integrative Medicine GP may order blood tests and complete a medical assessment, to create a personalised program to start at your next visit.

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