Dr Sima Torabian



Meet Dr. Sima Torabian – A Trusted Healer and Compassionate Partner in Your Health Journey

Embark on a wellness journey with Dr Torabian, a distinguished general practitioner whose unwavering dedication to healthcare has made her a beacon of compassion and expertise. Graduating in 2008, she brings over a decade of experience to our medical clinic, where her commitment to personalised care has touched the lives of countless individuals and families.


A Wealth of Experience:

As a seasoned general practitioner, Dr Sima stands as a pillar of expertise, offering comprehensive healthcare that spans the spectrum of medical needs. Her extensive background in general medicine has been enriched by a genuine passion for the well-being of her patients.


Specialised Care:

  • Skin Cancer: I specialise in the early detection and management of skin cancer. Your skin’s health is paramount, and I am devoted to providing thorough assessments and personalized treatment plans.
  • Whole Body Skin Checks: Regular screenings are pivotal for maintaining optimal skin health. I conduct meticulous full-body skin checks to ensure early detection of any irregularities.
  • Women’s Health: Advocating for women’s well-being is a priority in my practice. I provide comprehensive care, addressing both preventive measures and specific health concerns unique to women.
  • Geriatrics: Caring for our elderly community members holds a special place in my heart. I specialize in geriatric medicine, tailoring healthcare plans to the unique needs of older patients.
  • General Medicine: From common ailments to chronic conditions, I offer a broad spectrum of general medical services, ensuring that your health concerns are addressed with expertise and compassion.
  • Minor Operations: As part of my holistic approach to healthcare, I perform minor operations precisely, prioritising patient comfort and safety.


Beyond Medicine:

Outside the realm of healthcare, Sima finds inspiration and balance through her artistic pursuits. A dedicated painter and calligrapher, she believes in the therapeutic power of creativity and brings this unique perspective to her approach in her personal and professional life.


Family-Centred Living:

Sima is not just a healer in the clinic but also a devoted wife and mother. Nestled in the serene Yarra Valley, she shares her life with a loving husband and a delightful six-year-old child. This enriching family environment influences her holistic approach to healthcare, emphasising a sense of community and well-being.

Choosing the right healthcare provider is a significant decision, and Sima invites you to experience healthcare that goes beyond the ordinary. Her commitment to providing personalised, compassionate, and expert care reflects a genuine dedication to your health and happiness.

Take a step toward a healthier future with Dr Torabian, your trusted partner in wellness.

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