Dr Mark Fazlian


Meet Dr Mark Fazlian, MD FRACGP FAMAC

A Compassionate Healer and Advocate for Holistic Health

Welcome to our medical community, where Dr Mark Fazlian, a dedicated general practitioner with a wealth of experience and a passion for holistic healthcare, embodies the cornerstone of your well-being. Graduating in 2006, Mark has steadfastly advocated for health and healing, providing comprehensive care to individuals and families throughout his career.


Professional Journey:

Since beginning his medical journey, Dr Fazlian has been committed to general medicine. With over a decade of experience, he brings a deep understanding of the diverse healthcare needs of his patients.


Areas of Specialisation:

Dr Fazlian has developed a special interest in several key areas, including:

  • Skin Cancer: A dedicated advocate for skin health, Dr Fazlian specialises in the early detection and management of skin cancer.
  • Whole Skin Checks: Providing meticulous examinations to ensure the holistic well-being of his patients.
  • Geriatrics: Tailoring healthcare plans to meet the unique needs of older patients, recognising the importance of comprehensive geriatric care.
  • Acupuncture: Integrating traditional acupuncture practices into his approach to enhance overall health and healing.
  • General Medicine: Offering a broad spectrum of general medical services to address diverse health concerns.
  • Minor Operations: Performing procedures with precision and care to ensure patient comfort and safety.


Educator and Mentor:

Passionate about sharing his knowledge, Mark serves as a tutor for medical acupuncture, guiding and inspiring the next generation of medical acupuncturists. His commitment to education reflects a desire to contribute to the growth and excellence of future healthcare professionals.


Lifestyle and Interests:

Beyond the clinic, Mark finds joy in life’s simple pleasures. Nestled in the scenic Yarra Valley, he shares his home with a small, close-knit family. His interests in photography and hiking reflect a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and the importance of a balanced, active lifestyle.


Holistic Approach to Medicine:

Dr Fazlian firmly believes in a holistic approach to medicine, recognizing the interconnectedness of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. His practice integrates traditional and alternative therapies to create personalized healthcare plans that address the root causes of health issues.

Choosing Dr Fazlian as your healthcare partner means embracing a journey toward holistic health and well-being. His commitment to compassionate care, diverse expertise, and dedication to education make him a trusted ally in your health journey.

Experience the difference with Dr Fazlian, where health is approached with a comprehensive and compassionate perspective.

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