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Flu Vaccinations – FAQ

Flu Vaccinations – FAQ

Flu vaccinations for 2019 are now in stock at Main Street Medical. To book an appointment, please call reception on 03 9739 3837.


Why do I need to be vaccinated every year?

The Influenza virus is constantly changing, so getting vaccinated every year means you’re best protected against the most recent and common circulating strains.

Your protection from the Influenza vaccination declines over time.

When is the best time to be vaccinated?

Vaccination is best undertaken between March – May in anticipation of Australia’s peak flu season between June and September.

How do I get vaccinated?

Flu vaccines can protect against up to 4 strains of the flu virus. Your flu vaccination will be given as a needle.

Is there a cost to be vaccinated?

At-risk patients are eligible for a free government-funded flu vaccination each year, however all other patients will be required to pay a small fee of $15-20 for their vaccination. To find out if you are eligible for a free vaccination, please speak to your doctor.

So what do I do next?

Step 1: Call Main Street Medical on 03 9739 3837 to book 2 appointments – one with your doctor for a prescription and one with the nurse to administer your vaccination. These appointments can be booked on the same day.

Step 2: See your doctor to collect prescription. (If you are eligible for a free vaccination you will not need a prescription – skip to step 4!)

Step 3: Head to pharmacy to purchase your flu vaccination.

Step 4: See the nurse to administer your flu vaccination.

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