Important things to consider when finding a new General Practitioner (GP)

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Important things to consider when finding a new General Practitioner (GP)

Important things to consider when finding a new General Practitioner (GP)

Choosing a primary care physician is a critical first step toward managing your healthcare, whether you’re looking for one or just want a change. Your primary care physician (PCP) serves as your medical home. It’s the doctor you see for the majority of your medical requirements, such as wellness checks and routine screenings, non-emergency ailments like earaches and sore throats, and the person you talk to about your health issues and inquiries. It’s best to familiarise yourself with all the practices available in your area. If you’ve been searching for the best GP near me, you’ve come to the right place.

There are definitely a few things to keep in mind before you start looking for best GP doctors near me. Whether you’re after a small clinic, requiring a more intimate practice, or a bigger clinic that gives you access to more healthcare, it is very important to understand what your needs are and the important elements you require prior to searching for your next doctor. Another important factor is cost, if you’re budget conscious, bulk billing doctors are a good choice as it will save you on medical fees but your appointments can last for a shorter time. Private billing on the other hand allows you to have longer sessions but comes at a cost.

Let’s talk about a few things that you definitely should think about while looking for your ideal general practitioner.

01. Location:

Melbourne has numerous general practitioners that you could reach out to. Your first step should be to mark and shortlist practices near you. Driving around can be a pain if you or one of your family members aren’t feeling their best. 

You can also find out whether the clinic you may opt for provides transportation benefits under Medicare or not. Visiting the doctor often can be the case if you or someone from your family requires preventative or additional care. 

02. Word of Mouth:

The best kind of reviews are via word of mouth. Ask around for recommendations from friends and family. If someone shares their experience with you and gives you the green signal for a particular doctor, chances are they will suit you too since the relationship between a doctor and a patient is based on nothing but trust. 

So, if someone recommends a GP with good reviews, they should definitely be in your shortlist!

03. Quality Control:

It’s best to check if the GP you’re shortlisting is registered with the Medical Board of Australia. Clinics registered with the Medical Board have to stay up to date on the latest and hence, you will receive the most up to date care. 

04. Call Research:

You can tell a lot about a clinic by how they receive inquiries and how they treat their existing patients. Phone etiquettes play an important part when it comes to inquiries. You can ring them up and ask them questions like: 

  • How do they inform you about test results? 
  • Do they provide reminders for appointments etc? Is it via calls or emails? 
  • What is the best way to book an appointment?

05. Choose According to Your Personal Needs

Make sure that you proceed with a GP that suits your needs the best. Someone might recommend you a doctor because their doctor had great knowledge about their problem. That does not mean that it might be fruitful to you too. It’s very important that you feel comfortable with your own choice. If you trust your choice, healing will also be affected in a positive way. 

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