Dr Nadereh Mazloumi

MD FRACGP Dip of Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Nadereh Mazloumi (MD, FRACGP, Dip of Aesthetic Medicine) is a highly accomplished medical professional with more than 10 years expertise encompassing various aspects of general medicine, women’s health, and adult health. With a deep-rooted passion for promoting overall well-being, she has become a respected authority in multiple specialised areas.

Her interests in women’s health led her to excel in providing comprehensive care, including IUD insertion and contraceptive counselling, empowering women to make informed choices about their reproductive health. She is an advocate for early pregnancy care and pre-pregnancy counselling, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both mothers and babies.

Dr. Mazloumi’s commitment to preventive medicine extends to travel vaccines, safeguarding individuals during their global explorations. Simultaneously, she demonstrates expertise in managing chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, providing comprehensive care and enabling patients to lead fulfilling lives despite their health challenges.

As a dedicated general medicine practitioner, she focuses on adult health, providing holistic care and addressing a wide range of health concerns. Her extensive knowledge and experience make her a go-to expert for various medical issues.

Additionally, she is an accomplished GP, actively involved in skin cancer diagnosis and conducts thorough skin checks to detect potential issues early on, stressing the importance of sun protection and skin health.

Dr. Mazloumi’s commitment to patient care also extends to pediatric medicine, where she focuses on nurturing the health and well-being of children, ensuring they receive the best possible start in life.

Through her tireless efforts and vast knowledge, Dr. Nadereh Mazloumi has positively impacted the lives of countless patients across all age groups, earning admiration and respect from both peers and patients alike. Her dedication to promoting health and well-being continues to make a significant difference in the medical community and the lives of those she serves.

Dr Mazloumi also practices at Main Street Cosmetic & Skin. To read more about her expertise in the skin and cosmetic field, please click here.


  • Women’s health
  • Contraception including implanon and IUD insertion  
  • Paediatric health 
  • Travel vaccine 
  • Chronic disease management
  • Skin cancer check and removal
  • General medicine


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